Pueblan Milk Snakes ( Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli )

About the Pueblan Milk Snake.

The Pueblan Milk Snake originates from the warm, dry areas of Mexico and is easily recognisable for its brilliant colourings. It can grow up to 3ft in length and they are often mistaken for Coral Snakes, which are a deadly species of snake. There is a popular rhyme that is often used to distinguish between the two;

”Red next to black is a friend of Jack, red next to yellow will kill a fellow.”

Pueblan Milk Snakes as pets.

The Pueblan Milk Snake is considered the perfect starter snake for any enthusiast. They have an excellent temperament and despite being quite a shy snake, they are brilliant to observe and interact with. It is quite a timid species of snake and rarely bites making it ideal for adults and children alike. If cared for properly a Pueblan Milk Snake will easily live for more than 10 years, some have been reported to live past the age of 20.

How to care for the Pueblan Milk Snake.

To make the perfect habitat for your snake you will need an enclosure at least 2ft long by 1ft wide. Since they are terrestrial animals they can also be kept in large plastic boxes quite successfully, providing there is plenty of ventilation holes. Pueblan Milk Snakes are shy and nervous and will need objects which they can hide under such as hollow logs or pieces of cork bark. Pueblan Milk Snake substrate should be fairly loose to allow them to burrow. You will need to line the floor of the enclosure with whichever substrate you choose and ensure the heat mat is sufficiently covered. The most popular substrate among owners is coconut fibre, it can be bought in compressed blocks and, when damp, shredded to make a natural and safe substrate.

Heating and lighting.

Pueblan Milks Snakes will need a basking temperature on one side of the enclosure between 80 – 85F and a cool end of between 65 – 75F. A heat mat will be required under a third of the substrate to regulate temperature, a ceramic bulb is perfect to provide your snake a place to bask, and both of these can be connected to a thermostat to properly regulate the conditions. The humidity should be approximately 50%.

Important: It is important to house Peblan Milk Snakes separately, like all milk snakes they are known for their cannibalistic tendencies.

What do Pueblan Milk Snakes eat?

Pueblan Milk Snakes enjoy a wide range of prey in the wild, this includes insects, worms, lizards, small mammals, birds, frogs, fish and even other snakes. In captivity the most common and available food are mice and rats, which can be offered straight from hatching as long as the food-to-body-size ratio is observed. Pueblan Milk Snakes need to feed every 4-5 days and food should be offered after dark as they are nocturnal eaters. Hatchlings will require a pinky mouse about once per week and as they grow, so too can their portions. A water bowl should be provided for both drinking and bathing purposes (bathing helps with the shedding of skin), however if the water becomes soiled it should be removed and disinfected immediately.

How to prevent illness in Pueblan Milk Snakes.

A common problem with Pueblan Milk Snakes is internal damaged caused by being fed food that is too large for them. The general rule is to never offer food that is larger than one and a half times the width of your milk snake. Maintaining a clean and hygienic enclosure is very important in order to keep your pet healthy and disease free. Faeces should be removed on a daily basis and water should be replaced at least bi-weekly. The entire vivarium should be completely cleaned and disinfected every month, using a reptile-safe disinfectant. Respiratory infections can also occur if the humidity is consistently too high, as they are used to very hot and dry climates there is no need to spray the enclosure at all.

Handling a Pueblan Milk Snake.

Pueblan Milk Snakes rarely bite and are suitable for handling, of course it is still important to take care when holding them to prevent causing any stress. A certain amount of vigilance is required to prevent them from disappearing into any and every dark space they see.

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